Licensing and Support Questions.

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Is the web conference private label system controlled by the Licensor?

Once your system is paid in full, the remote control feature is removed.

Are there any ongoing fee’s paid to the Licensor after my web conference private label system is paid in full?

No, unless you have purchased our pay-as-you-grow license in which case there is a monthly fee schedule based on the total number of Host accounts.

Are there any links or visual references to the Licensor?

No. There are none whatsoever.

Do you offer support?

Yes. From 12 to 36 month support plans are available with your license.

What are the limitations of the private label web conference system?

The number of simultaneous users (concurrent connections) your web conference system can accommodate is only limited by the server hardware, bandwidth, and the features being used in meeting rooms at that time.

Does the price include integration into our payment processor?


Can we use the Licensors sales materials?

Yes. We provide an online help system and the scripts for the video tutorials supporting the features of the system. We can also create the recorded video training tutorials for your brand.

Will we be a reseller or an affiliate for the Licensor?

No. Live Conference PRO™ is a true web conference private label service and solution. You receive a clone of the primary web conference system with your company name, links, logo, domain name and SSL, installed on your hosted server. Your clients pay you directly.

What customization’s are included?

  • Default UI color for the meeting room interface
  • Your logo on the login screens and in the meeting room
  • Name of the program visible to all room owners (Hosts) and their Guests
  • Your domain name
  • Your SSL certificate
  • Any default language
  • Video Postcard backgrounds and banner images

Is IPV6 supported?


Does the Licensor manage security updates?

Yes. We are constantly improving security of the web conference system. The server firewall hardening and other network security are maintained by the Data Center unless you have instructed our team to manage your server.

Is 64-bit supported?

Yes, the application fully supports 64-bit systems.

Is the system easy to scale?

Yes, the components are modular and we have reduced interactions between the modules to a minimum. Further, Wowza is considered to be the #1 streaming media server world-wide. The system is installed on your dedicated server or as a cloud configuration in your Amazon EC2 account.

Does this system support an alternative authentication system?

The current system design uses a PHP/MySQL-based authentication system. However, an alternative authentication system can be implemented upon request.

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