Are You Tired of the Tech Support
Required with Webinars?

Focus on delivering knock-out webinars to impress your audience!

We give you the tools and training to captivate your audience.

Your Guests never have to download software!

No dialing long distance, conference bridge numbers or access codes.
No long-term contract, setup or hidden fees.
People automatically login to your net meeting with a single click.
Flat-rate, starting at $20 per month for 10 seats.
Use PowerPoint, PDF's and white boards in your web meetings.
Allow people to use your room when you're not present.
Share recordings, photos, PDF's, documents, calendars and databases.
Easy-to-understand, step-by-step video instructions.
Monthly or annual subscriptions, cancel anytime.
Post a question without interrupting the live web conference.
Free online assistance with a real person.
Unlimited free recording.

Revolutionize your business and get things done fast!

• Webinars • eLearning
• Online Meeting • Desktop Sharing
• Video Postcards • Web Conferencing
• Web Meeting • Online Training
• Internet Conference Calls • Video Conference
• Online Collaboration • Live Webcasts

Discover how to...

Outmaneuver your competition
Stop spending time sending emails back and forth
Eliminate waiting in airports and taking road trips
Increase productivity and profit margin
Close more deals faster
Generate a second source of revenue
Deliver high-impact online meetings
Generate more high-quality leads
Train people in remote cities from your desktop


Web Meeting Secrets, Web Seminar Training

See how easy it is to create...

• Extraordinary conference calls and web seminars
• Impressive online-recorded presentations
• A lifetime of ongoing revenue

The Ultimate Web Conferencing Package

Starting at $20 per month, you get all this and more:

  • A Complete Set of the Easiest-to-Use Web Conferencing Tools
  • Easy-to-Understand, Step-by-Step Video Instructions
  • Free Online Assistance with a Real Person
  • Crystal Clear Online Web Meetings
  • Hands-Free VoIP - No Telephone Required
    No more dialing a conference bridge and access code.
  • One-Click, Easy Access to Your Online Meeting Room
    Just send your Guests an email with a link.
  • Compatible with any Windows, Mac, or Linux web browser.
  • No Long-Term Contract or Setup Fees
  • Low Flat Rate - No per Minute Fees - Unlimited Anytime Use
  • No Reservations or Scheduling Required
  • Up to 500 Seats are Available
  • Create High-Impact Video Postcards that grab people’s attention - View Now
       + Professional Emails Templates
       + Automated Invitation and Follow-Up Emails
       + Create and Send Custom Invitations
       + Instantly bring your websites and email messages to life
       + Record Unlimited Videos - View Now
  • Customize Your Meeting Room with a Company Name & Logo
  • Unique Private Label Service Available - No Annual Fees
  • Custom Registration Forms for Your Online Meetings, Events, and Virtual Classrooms
  • Live Video Conferencing - up to 32 simultaneous webcams
  • High-Resolution, Large-Screen, Live Video Conferencing up to 810 x 607 pixels
  • Allow People to Use Your Room - When You're Not Present
  • Create knockout Informational Products - Intellectual Property
  • See how to create a lifetime of ongoing revenue
  • Show PowerPoint® presentations
    Nothing is required for people to view your presentation.
  • Synchronization of All Meeting Room Activity
    Your Guests will feel like they're in the same room with you!
  • Get better results showing a Recorded Video during a Live Meeting
  • In Real-Time, you can Share Documents and Deliver Presentations
  • Unique Interactive Whiteboard and Annotation Tools
    Show graphics, pictures, annotate, type text and draw on screen, etc.
  • Document Center - Store any type of file.
    You can get 5,000 MB of free, password-protected online storage, accessible from any computer in the world. Securely share recorded meetings, personal recordings, music, photos, PDF's, Word Documents, voice recordings, video and software files.
  • Enjoy a lifetime of ongoing revenue.
       + Record meetings - save an entire live meeting or personal presentation.
       + Create valuable products for your business.
       + You own and control all your recorded presentations.
       + Brand your recordings using custom start and ending screens.
       + Automatically load a live web page at the end of your recording.

See how to create incredible information products that instantly separate you from your competition, and enable you to charge higher prices. Click here.


Basic Features and Benefits include:

  • Personal Address Book
  • Application & Desktop Sharing
    Share anything on your desktop for Guests to see. 
  • Instantly Change Presenters at Anytime
  • Question and Answer Window 
  • Automatically Record Guests' Name, Email, Login/Logout Activity 
  • Chat Privately with a Specific Guest(s) before or during a meeting without disrupting the meeting in progress. 
  • Pass control to a Guest. Let them speak, share, and present in a live meeting. 

    Limitless possibilities and abundance now awaits you!

Generate a lifetime of revenue for your business
by creating high-value web seminars focused
on your experience and expertise.

"Easy and simple virtual application to use..."

LCP is not only an easy and simple virtual application to use, but the support team is awesome!

We run synchronous online high school tutoring from various locations and universities across Canada.

LCP is by far the most cost effective and user friendly system we have used (and there have been many!) Our tutors and students love it!

Many thanks again for a great job!

Michael Burnatowski
President - MiLearn Online High School Tutors

Do You Want to Create EXTRAORDINARY
Live and Recorded Web Seminars?



Fast, Easy, Trouble-Free Access

First-time guests enjoy lightning fast access to your live web conference.

  • Guests are automatically logged in.

  • Subsequent meetings are accessed with a single mouse-click.

You Get Easy-to-Use Meeting Room Features

In addition to the basic features, you get a complete set of easy-to-use, special tools that no other online meeting service can match.

  • Enjoy unlimited web and video conferencing, live web seminars, and online customer training.

  • Sell your products faster using Live Conference PRO™.

  • Create valuable intellectual property.

How to accelerate your success using web meetings

Holding a web meeting requires more than paying for an account. Unfortunately, that's where most companies leave you.

Sure, you can read a PDF and other "how-to" training manuals to learn how to use other web meeting systems, but no other company gives you:

In no time at all, you'll have mastered the secret of creating powerful web conference meetings that motivate, influence, and persuade people!

Plus, you can create impressive information products (intellectual property) that instantly separate you from the competition and enable you to charge higher prices.

Reliable Conference Environment for Your Online Meetings

You can own a reliable, secure platform for all your voice and video meetings. As your business grows to require multiple rooms or up to 500 seats per room, we are ready to meet your needs. Our robust conference servers can handle 1000's of concurrent connections and have the stability and reliability of the EC2 Amazon Cloud services.

How Much Does It Cost?

Live Conference PRO™ is affordable. No long-term commitment.

  • Unlimited online meetings.
  • No telephone required.
  • Room size: 10 Seats, $20 per month.
  • Room size: 15 Seats, $30 per month.
  • Room size: 25 Seats, $50 per month.
    Seats = The number of people in your room at the same time.
  • Up to 500 Seats available.
  • Subscriptions 15 Seats and higher include FREE Video Email - Video Postcards.
  • No reservations or scheduling.
  • Annual subscriptions with discounted rate.

No Risk. Money-Back Guarantee. Free Training.

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Your conference calls and web meetings will blow away the competition! Within days, your online meeting room can be fully enabled for e-commerce and equipped with all the latest tools right at your fingertips for only pennies a day!

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