03 Sep

Video Postcard Studio

No other service makes sharing videos faster or easier. No other web meeting service includes a powerful Video Postcards studio for your business.

You can use a custom background image, banner, links, personal message and an automated call-to-action URL redirect.

  • Automatically open a web page at end of your video.
  • Share/post your Video Postcards online.
  • Videos play on ALL mobile devices.
03 Sep

Brand Your Meeting Room

Display your logo, YouTube video, text and call-to-action link in the main area of your meeting room. You can change the meeting room language, interface color, set default text in the chat pod, display a business card image and other settings which make a memorable, professional, and personalized impression.

You can easily update your branding options at any time from the Host control panel.

03 Sep

Share My Desktop

Share your entire screen or a specific area. Show and edit documents with meeting participants. Demonstrate any program or share a view of a photo album.

NOTE: Unlike our competitors, you can show and annotate on PowerPoint presentations, using our Present Slides tool without bandwidth-heavy screen sharing.