“Perfect, Successful Meeting!”

Our meeting was perfect and successful. The President and Vice-President were really happy and made many compliments. Thank you for a great web meeting service and live support!!

Paolo Orlando
Roma Italy

“Easy and simple virtual application to use…”

LCP is not only an easy and simple virtual application to use, but the support team is awesome! We run synchronous online high school tutoring from various locations and universities across Canada.

LCP is by far the most cost effective and user friendly system we have used (and there have been many!) Our tutors and students love it! Many thanks again for a great job!

Michael Burnatowski
President – MiLearn Online High School Tutors

“You have exceeded our expectations…”

You guys really do a GREAT Job in customer support! As a matter of fact your support team has even exceeded our expectations and been so helpful to our own clients that 2 of them have purchased your service. (just from receiving help from your staff)
You provide an AWESOME service that our business depends on every day.

Warmest Regards,
Samson Harbers – CEO

“It’s feature rich, yet not overwhelming.”

What I like best about Live Conference PRO™ is that it’s feature rich, yet not overwhelming.

Being an educator I see many possible uses of the whiteboard, desktop sharing, etc.

Any individual and small business can afford it and the option to open one more room on the fly is really a godsend.

Leo Todaro
Copenhagen, Denmark

“Very easy to use – no setup problems!”

What I liked best about Live Conference PRO™ is that it is very easy to use and we haven’t had any set-up problems.

Sonia van Lierop
Cardiff, S. Glamorgan UK

“This program is golden!”

I like the ability to answer questions, become interactive with my clients, and have a one on one relationship from thousands of mile away. The Live Conference PRO™ virtual meeting room makes that possible.

If you are like me and have a large, wide spread, diverse client and customer base this program is golden. It is easy to operate and extremely helpful to lead people through a presentation and example with the video conferencing capabilities.

Nicolas Mcleod
Sherwood, AR

“Simplicity of Operation!”

What I like best about Live Conference PRO™ is the simplicity of operation.

This product is excellent for online communications, with the tutorials giving any first time user, the confidence to use it, and enjoy the experience.

One of my main concerns was Firewall issues. I’ve tried it with customers systems we have to deal with, and no problems.

Stan Galloway
United Kingdom

“Thank you for your outstanding service!”

What I like best about Live Conference PRO™ is the easy to use system. The large amount of features will help my online training and extremely easy to explain the system to any visitor or trainee I may have.

The tutorials and help system are straight-forward and simple so everyone can understand.

Live Conference PRO™ is a great way to keep in touch with family and a very inexpensive solution for any business.

The support I received from your team was excellent. Thank you for your outstanding service!

David Dubb
Professional TEFL Instructor
Kiriat Shmona Upper Galilee, Israel

“Very professional and very helpful.”

I like the VoIP capability and multiple options for conducting business, i.e., conferencing, application sharing for training purposes, and PowerPoint slide show, etc.

You always get easy access of online technical help when needed. Pricing is awesome. No long distance charges for conferencing as VoIP is available. Many options for conducting business remotely. Professional. Live Conference PRO™ as a company has been very professional and very helpful.

MOSTraining, Incorporated
Trussville, AL

“Students have no difficulty in accessing the Classroom.”

The layout and utility are very intuitive. I was able to use the program with a minimum of preparation, and my students appeared to have no difficulty in accessing the “Classroom”.

Gunter Neubert
Virtual College Lecture Program
Maryland, USA

“The service and training has been unbelievable…”

“I have never been so satisfied, happy and excited about a business relationship, we have with Professional Global Marketing and in particular, the development team.

The system that your team has developed for us is world class. The service and training has been unbelievable in quality and performance. Your commitment to results, with an attention to the details, is what we look for when we joint venture with others.

As a training and business support company for a number of different industries, it is essential for us to partner up with people and companies that share the qualities that you and your company represent, this is what makes us and our clients stand out. Again, thank you for an outstanding job!”

George Madiou – President/CEO
GRM Management Co., Inc

“Ease of use and customer support…”

What I like best about Live Conference PRO™ is the ease of use and customer support!

I’ve investigated similar vendors and there is no comparison. By far your services are the best.

Denise Watson
Blue Bell, PA

“Live Conference PRO will definitely help me in my business!”

I was really impressed that a “live person” was up at a very late hour providing help and support. Live Conference PRO™ will definitely help me in my business!

Adderley, GA

“Live Conference PRO is so simple…”

What I like best about Live Conference PRO™ is the savings opportunities in my business. My travel costs are way down and my sales team is able to conference without traveling long distance.

Live Conference PRO™ is so simple you can even coach someone on the other side of the world. I recommend using the program and see the savings, flexibilities and enhancement the program will bring to your business.

Frank Mora
Windsor, CT

“VERY pleased, and look forward doing business with You.”

Everything worked perfectly, when logging in and setting up our new conference room.

We are VERY pleased, and look forward doing business with You and Live Conference PRO™ for years to come.

Thanks again,

Dave Saunders

“Your team did an awesome job!”

Now let me say this………I’m still on cloud 9 from training. You did a fantastic job and I can not believe what a “hot” system we now have. You and your team did an awesome job and we truly have a world class conferencing system. Thank you so much. I really feel very comfortable as far as administering the system, I think every function is very intuitive.

Joe Murphy
MS Conferencing Systems

“You really must try it to believe!”

My name is Charles Corbell. I am NOT a software developer, but I needed a viable way to communicate all over the world with a reliable communications platform. I have used over 10 voip programs (most of which are out of business). Most of the earliest combinations of voip and Web presentations required 2 telephone lines or a telephone line and broadband. (MyPlaceware and WebEx are examples). They were all VERY expensive with per minute telephone charges.

Many later 2nd generation services developed a monthly voip room fee and eventually became economically feasible. Most are still clunky, do not have Video Broadcasting, are not easy to duplicate and teach people how to use them, require frequent software updates, etc. (The Model T stage, you know)!

Live Conference PRO™ is the only service I have found that has an affordable monthly fee, a unique Power Point presenter, Video Broadcasting, hands free voip communication, a whiteboard, a co-browser, and Push Pages.

Live Conference PRO™ is a totally affordable online communication solution. You really must try it to believe how effective it can help you become in your life.

Charles Corbell
San Antonio, Texas

“Only web conference that does it!”

The fact that there are so many features at a cost effective price. I especially like the fact that video can stream on both ends. This is the only web conference that does it! Look at all these features for the cost effective price!

Greg Chan
Stoney Creek, Ontario Canada

“Clear instructions on how to get setup!”

I like everything about Live Conference PRO™, the clean interface of the system, it’s easy to use, and looks professional. I also liked the tutorials, very professional and easy to understand.

Your pricing is good.

Your prompt emails acknowledging signup and your clear instructions on how to get set up. I have looked at a couple of other companies but they had very bad customer service with no email acknowledgement or instructions on how to get the room set up.

I would recommend Live Conference PRO™ over the other systems available as you have a professional setup and your system is good.

Rae Eckert
Frewville, Australia

“There’s no comparison”

The simplicity in getting someone into a room. Regardless of browser type to get the application installed.

I’ve looked at a lot of web conferencing systems and, so far, for the features packed into Live Conference PRO™, there’s no comparison from a cost perspective. Performance seems good although I haven’t had a chance to get a larger group of my customers in the room.

Jim Gray
Newark, DE

“Simple to use”

I like the idea that I can pay a monthly fee instead of a monthly charge. The interface is simple to use and I can talk back and forth with people around the world. That is the key for me.

It is simple to use with practice and you can reach people around the world.

Howard Wimer
Irvine, CA

“Very user-friendly”

I like the fact that it is very user-friendly. I think the average individual can get in here, and use it. The quality is very good, compare to some of the other products on the market, and obviously the cost.

I do plan on building a business around this platform, and in doing so, I have quite a few ideas that includes this product.

Bobby Callegari
Fremont, CA

“A great product for sales presentations”

The white board is a very useful tool plus the other features like URL and app sharing.

It’s a great product for sales presentations and I would definitely use it and I intend to have my sales force use it.

Ash Sahib
Longwood, FL

“Your support is excellent”

The ability to communicate either verbally or via text messaging. From the investigating I’ve done your product seems to give the “most bang for the buck” and your support is excellent.

Howard Green
Lowell, Michigan

“I haven’t seen a better solution”

Live Conference PRO™ is a no nonsense, affordable solution. I haven’t seen a better solution.

Gregg Corella
Clearwater, FL

“Simplicity, Clarity”

The simplicity in running it, the clarity of the web cam, the ability for all in the room to browse the same web pages.

I am demanding my friends to buy it, as we need such a room with these facilities.

Liam Russell
London, England

“Whiteboard and Live Desktop”

Whiteboard, desktop sharing, ability to quickly change participant’s rights is what I like best about Live Conference PRO™.

Try it for 30 days and see how easy it is…

Kim Beasley
McDonough, GA

“Great product – great price”

Price structure, great product, great price is what I like about Live Conference PRO™.

Norma Garc?
Puebla, Puebla

“Live webcam – best I have tested”

The live webcam. I have looked at several Conference Rooms and only a few have the webcam option but at much higher prices.

So far it is the best I have tested at the price. I have 3 others I am testing as well. Know what you are looking for so that you can do wise comparisons.

Doreen DeJesus
Tobyhanna, PA

“Very bandwidth-friendly”

It’s strength, being very reliable and doesn’t seem to be dependent on Internet bandwidth.

In today’s date, there’s just no better product for communication over the Internet even at very very higher prices.

Tamalkrishna Das
Calcutta, W. Bengal

“Easy-to-use, no telephone required.”

Ease of use and no need for telephone is what I like best about Live Conference PRO™.

Lohitha Dewasurendra
Detroit, MI

“An absolute for anyone”

My name is John Jarvis and I am from Ontario, Canada. I would like to say that I have been using Live Conference PRO™ for over a week now and I feel this is an absolute for anyone marketing online.

This version is comparable to web conference rooms that cost well over 10 times as much. Also, with any online marketing venture, customer service is a rare thing to find.

The owner/operator of Live Conference PRO™ actually took over an hour out of his schedule on a holiday weekend to help me fix a problem that I had caused myself. I would give Live Conference PRO™ an A++ in customer service!

John Jarvis
Ontario, Canada